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Immigrants add their voices to Greek protests

Immigrants add their voices to Greek protests
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A ring of police now have to protect Athens’s grand Christmas tree, after the first spruce was reduced to ashes in the ongoing student protests, which only now, two weeks on, show signs of calming.

Young people are still furious with their police, throwing rubbish at the officers guarding the tree. They will vote this weekend on whether or not to continue their protests. Seven hundred schools and several universities remain occupied. “Every revolution which brings social changes brings catastrophes, too. But they had dreams and ideals,” said one woman shopper. “Whatever happens, it was not necessary for all this destruction to happen. Why do the owners of the property have to pay the price?” was another opinion expressed on Saturday. Immigrants are also taking to the streets this weekend, along with anti-racist groups, to protest at the EU’s asylum and immigration pact. They will meet at Athens university, which has been busy removing graffiti after the recent protests.