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Disturbances continue outside police tribunal

Disturbances continue outside police tribunal
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The investigation into the death of 15 year-old Greek boy Alexis Grigoropoulos was disrupted by rioters who threw molotov cocktails outside Athens’ Palace of Justice. Rioters were angry over police claims that Grigoropoulos was hit by a richocheting bullet, despite witness saying that they deliberately took aim.

The tribunal eventually ruled in favour of the police, claiming that the mishapen bullet indicated that it had rebounded of a hard surface. “It is without doubt an incident of richochet furthermore if the police office fired or not, this boy’s life has been lost and whatever offence should be given to the police office, justice will decide.” Alexis Grigoropoulos’ death sparked off four days heavy rioting in Greece’s capital, from protestors angry at the government and the worrying financial climate. The riots quelled for his funeral on Tuesday, but resumed later in the day.