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Riots continue to rock Greece

 Riots continue to rock Greece
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Thousands of mourners have attended the funeral of a 15-year-old Greek boy shot dead by police on Saturday.

The death of Alexandros Grigoropolos sparked some of the worst civil unrest in Greece for decades.

But even the burial failed to pass off peacefully, with mourners clashing with police outside the cemetery itself.

Those who knew the boy say he was a quiet studious teenager. But for the officers who fatally shot him, he was part of a mob deemed intent on mayhem.

Whatever the case, the death has unleashed an unprecedented surge of anger.

Outside the parliament in Athens, hundreds of protesters clashed with riot police, throwing stones and petrol bombs as the unrest went into its fourth day.

As demonstrators tried to storm parliament in cat- and-mouse running battles, police fired tear gas, in a vain attempt to quell the attacks.

Much of the anger has a more profound basis with many Greeks deeply disillusioned with what they perceive as the failure of their political masters.