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Greek unions refuse to cancel rally and strike

 Greek unions refuse to cancel rally and strike
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Greek labour unions have rejected an appeal by the prime minister to cancel a mass protest planned for tomorrow. This morning, Costas Karamanlis went into emergency talks in a bid to end the public uprising. He fears the planned strike will only inflame tensions still further.

“In these crucial times the political world must unanimously and categorically condemn the agents of destruction and isolate them. We are obliged by our duty as a democracy. This is what the citizens demand. This is our debt to the nation,” said Karamanlis.

But as far as the opposition Socialists are concerned it is no longer the prime minister’s responsibility. Socialist leader Georges Papandreou has demanded Karamanlis’ resignation: “I told Mr Karamanlis the citizens are suffering a multiple crisis, economic, social and ethical and the government is incapable.”

Greece’s largest labour confederation, the GSEE, has called the 24-hour strike and rally to emphasize its rejection of the government’s controversial reform package. But for now the prime minister refuses to step down.