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EU welcomes Irish action over meat scare

 EU welcomes Irish action over meat scare
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Tons of Irish pork and bacon have been dumped because of Ireland’s pigmeat scare.

The EU has praised Ireland’s prompt recall after dioxin contaminated animal feed was discovered on several farms.

Despite the mass withdrawal, and Dublin saying the farms hit by contamination have been isolated, there are reports nine other farms in Northern Ireland have also been using the tainted feed.

Ireland’s action has been followed by Germany, which has also stopped the sale of Irish pigmeat.

Ireland’s farm industry is demanding answers.

‘‘It’s a huge blow to the industry. And the question that needs to be answered here is how has this happened because no farmer has done anything wrong and all have bought their feed from a licensed source. And how this contaminated product got into the animal feed chain, we need answers to that and obviously things need to be done so that this never happens again,’‘ said Padraig Walshe from the Irish Farmers’ Association.

Action was taken after laboratory evidence showed cancer causing toxins between 80 and 200 times the safe limits were found in animal feed and pork samples.

The source of the contamination is thought to be a licensed manufacturer of animal feed.

Last year, Ireland exported around 368 million euros of pork, half of which ended up on UK plates.