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FBI helps Mumbai investigation

FBI helps Mumbai investigation
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Detectives from America’s FBI have arrived in Mumbai to help with the investigation into last week’s terrorist attacks in which 180 people died, including six Americans. The team saw for itself the aftermath of the carnage that shocked the world.

The Taj Mahal Palace, the most famous and luxurious hotel in India, looks like a war zone. The fighting damaged rooms and corridors, the floors littered with guests’ belongings, abandoned as they tried to escape. All over the Taj Palace, even in the gardens, there is evidence of the panic sparked by the terrorists’ attack. India claims Pakistani involvement, which Islamabad denies, and the affair further ratchets up the tension between the two nuclear-armed rivals. At least ten terrorists are known to have been involved, although some reports say others may still be on the loose. The one arrested gunman has admitted under interrogation that they took orders from commanders in Pakistan. Life is slowly returning to something like normal in Mumbai, but the sense of sadness and outrage is palpable. Many people do blame Pakistan, but also India’s own politicians and police for what is seen as their slow response to the violence.