Anatomy of an attack: the horror of Mumbai

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Anatomy of an attack: the horror of Mumbai

 Anatomy of an attack: the horror of Mumbai
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It is only now, as the hotel sieges in Mumbai have come to an end, that the world is getting a glimpse inside India’s 9/11.

Newly-released video from inside the Taj Mahal Hotel shows commandos fighting their way through the corridors, taking on gunmen who appeared to know the buildings inside out.

Fire, grenades and gunshots left their mark, as well as nearly 200 people dead city-wide. And nobody knows yet if that is the definitive figure.

Escaped hotel guests spoke of bodies and blood everywhere. The Indian forces sustained casualties too. Those who lost their lives have been declared heroes.

The people of Mumbai defied orders to stay home, crowding into the streets instead to thank those who had brought days of killing to an end.

It was not just tourist spots which were targetted by the suspected Islamic militants.

At the train station witnesses said gunmen reloaded their weapons repeatedly as they sprayed gun fire across the concourse.

Amid fears that more militants might flood ashore police mounted a guard at the harbour.

The owners of the Taj Mahal Hotel have said they will rebuild the historic landmark.

India has pointed the finger of suspicion at Pakistan. Anti-Pakistan protests have already begun in the streets of Mumbai.