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Survivors relive Mumbai hotel horror

Survivors relive Mumbai hotel horror
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Shattered by their experience, but overjoyed simply to be alive, the survivors of India’s hotel massacre emerged from the Oberoi. Clutching their most precious belongings, many had managed to escape the killing by barricading themselves in their rooms.

“We are definitely grateful for the work done by all the Indian forces that were engaged in this,” said one man.

As they left the scene of the carnage, all had stories of the horrors of the previous hours. Gunfire continued to echo around the Taj hotel, but safely back in England, two gap-year students, called Lewis and Chitty, said they were lucky to be alive:

(“What was going through your mind?)
“Oh (expletive), I’m dead! There was nothing we could have done. In India, all the windows are barred for security so there was no chance of getting out, so…. it was quite scary,” said Lewis.

“We were just waiting really, waiting for them to come up the stairs,” said Chitty. “You know they have got automatics because they were just firing. We could hear them, and we were just waiting and we were just hoping they are not coming up, really.”

“Eventually the police came and after a while we came downstairs and dead bodies were still lying on the floor, blood everywhere,” said Lewis. “The whole of the bottom floor was ripped up by gunfire.”

All over the world the survivors have begun arriving home to their families, who had spent anxious hours watching the dramatic events unfold, and worrying about their loved ones.

Their ordeal is over; back in Mumbai, India’s terrorist nightmare drags on.