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Airbus jet crashes

Airbus jet crashes
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Two bodies have been recovered and a further five people are feared dead after an airbus aircraft crashed into the sea off France.

The A320 Airbus, which belonged to Air New Zealand, was on a test flight when the crash took place.

Emergency services are searching the wreckage for the 5 crew still missing but the worst is feared.

‘‘I could see and hear that the airplane was flying very low. I went on to the balcony, and far away beyond the buildings, I could see the plane starting to fall and then really dive,’‘ said one eyewitness.

Authorities say the accident happened as the aircraft was approaching Perpignan airport in the South west of France.

The plane was due to return to Air New Zealand having being leased to German carrier XL airways for the last two years.

An investigation into the crash has begun but officials are still unable to say what may have caused the accident.

The A320 is one of Airbus’s most reliable aircraft.