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UN votes to fight piracy

UN votes to fight piracy
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The UN has voted unanimously to impose sanctions on anyone contributing to violence and instability in Somalia, in an attempt to stamp out the country’s pirate trade.

The Security Council resolution called for asset freezes, but Somalia’s UN representative said more comprehensive action was needed.

“Piracy is one of the many security challenges we face in Somalia, and the council should address the threat of peace and security in Somalia in a
comprehensive way,’‘ said Somalia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Elmi Ahmed Duale.

Ransom negotiations are still on-going with Somali pirates for the giant supertanker Sirius Star, which was seized on Saturday.

It has been reported the pirates are demanding around 20 million euros for the hijacked vessel and its crew.

Earlier this week, NATO met in Brussels to discuss ways of tackling piracy off the Horn of Africa. One possibility the alliance is considering is for more pro-active rules of military engagement.

Despite more than a dozen warships operating in the region to protect merchant shipping, pirates continue to pose a major threat.