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Somali Islamists attack pirates

 Somali Islamists attack pirates
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It appears Islamic fundamentalists in Somalia have turned on the pirates responsible for the seizure of foreign ships, including a Saudi Arabian oil tanker.
Dozens of fighters have stormed a port in the country, furious that the pirates have started attacking ships from Muslim countries. It is thought they were looking for the Sirius Star, believed to be anchored somewhere along the coast. Its 25-man crew is being held hostage for millions of dollars.

The number of foreign ships being attacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean has risen sharply in recent months.

Maersk Shipping, one of the world’s largest freight companies, has decided to avoid the Suez Canal for now. They say it is safer to sail around the Cape of Good Hope if the ships are heading to or from Asia or India. It may be safer for the ships, but it is already threatening to raise insurance costs, increasing the cost of raw materials and other cargoes.