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Medvedev hopes Obama will bring fresh approach

 Medvedev hopes Obama will bring fresh approach
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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says he can see the possibility of a brighter future in Russia’s dealings with the United States.

Medvedev told reporters he hoped new President-elect Barack Obama would bring a positive change.

The comments show a more conciliatory line towards the US after months of antagonism.

‘‘I hope the new administration of the United States, the new President of the United States will be able to look at many things at a different angle, with open eyes, in a more pragmatic way,’‘ said the Russian President. ‘‘This is why, in general, I have a feeling there is an opportunity to reach good, positive changes in our relations,’‘ added Medvedev.

The August war with Georgia, as well as US plans to base its missile defence shield near Russia’s border have led to claims a new cold war is on the horizon.

Earlier this month, Medvedev threatened to station missiles in the Baltic. Since then he says Russia will not act unless the US makes the first move.