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'Non-virgin' divorcees still married

'Non-virgin' divorcees still married
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A bizarre divorce in France, agreed on the basis that the husband said his wife lied about her virginity, has itself been annulled. The original decision to divorce was agreed by both husband and wife, causing widespread comment in France. But then a court said unproven virginity was no basis for divorce, and the matter went to a second hearing. Now, the court of appeal in the northern town of Douai has ruled that the reason for the divorce has no basis in French law, and the couple are legally still husband and wife.

The couple – a computer technician in his thirties and a children’s nurse in her twenties – were married two years ago in Lille. But on their wedding night, the husband learned his wife was not a virgin, and rejected her. She originally opposed the divorce, but ultimately agreed. Now, though, the law says they are still married.