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"Obamamania" in Kenya creates new generation of Obamas

 "Obamamania" in Kenya creates new generation of Obamas
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Obamamania has taken hold in some surprising quarters such as a maternity hospital in Kenya.

Since the election of America’s first black president there has been a wave of new-born babies being named after Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

Obama’s father came from Kenya and his paternal grandmother still lives there.

One new mum called Sara said: “Obama is a strong man. I want my baby to be as strong as Obama so he can bring change to us here in Kenya and to the people of the Americans.”

Mourine said she was happy to name her daughter Michelle, “because she is the First Lady married to Barack Obama in the United States of America”.

The naming trend is likely to continue for weeks if not months. Meanwhile other Kenyans have been enjoying the day off after their president declared it a national holiday in honour of the election victory.

Many are hoping the Obama presidency will see more aid money flow from the richest country in the world to Africa, the poorest continent.