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Outrage over Belgian politician's Holocaust song

 Outrage over Belgian politician's Holocaust song
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A high-profile, far-right politician in Belgium is facing possible prosecution over a video in which he sings in celebration of the Holocaust.

The words refer to a young Jewish girl being burnt alive. It is thought Michel Delacroix was filmed singing the song at a restaurant while on holiday.

Josy Dubie of the Greens said his counterpart in the Senate should be charged with denying the Holocaust: “It is an apology for warcrimes and genocide.”

The National Front has sought to distance itself from its former leader, who has reportedly stood down from the Senate.

But some want further action against Delacroix.
One anti-racism campaigner said the video was made in public, in a cafe or restaurant.

“He is a senator with certain responsibilities. He knows the law and that makes our complaint all the more justified,” he said.

The affair has re-opened a debate in the country on extremist politics and the legal restraints on them.