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Obama's victory gives Cuba hope for better relations

 Obama's victory gives Cuba hope for better relations
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Latin America has hailed Barak Obama’s historic election victory and sees it as an opportunity to improve relations with the United States.

Obama’s campaign vow to ease the almost five-decade US trade embargo against Cuba is seen as breath of fresh air by millions: “Obama, you are the hope for millions of people so things improve throughout the world. The war should end
and relations between Cuba and the United States, maybe,should improve in the future. We hope for that,” said one Cuban student.

As well as calls to normalise relations with Cuba Obama will have to deal with the socialist government’s of Bolivia and Venezuela and the country’s outspoken President Hugo Chavez, who once called George Bush the “devil.”

“That a black man has been elected President of the United States is no small thing. Now that this black man is at the height of history we hope, we hope – we are not asking him to be a revolutionary, we are not asking him to be a socialist. I hope that he understands what is going on in the world and the hope the world has, at least the majority, is for a world of peace.”

However, the president-elect has a lot in his in-box, including a global financial crisis, and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.