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EU looking forward to working with Obama

 EU looking forward to working with Obama
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The election of Barack Obama has gone down well in Europe as the world grapples with a host of pressing and difficult problems.

Euronews caught up with the President of the European Commisssion, Jose Manuel Barrosso, and asked him if the EU can work with the new president.

“I think objectively, the condititons are in place so that we can work together on the financial crisis and set a global agenda for prosperity, whether for trade or millennium goals for devolopment, along with the promotion of peace and human rights across the world. Then there is the battle against climate change. President Obama as a candidate made some concrete committments. I hope we will have a very fruitful, very cooperative relationship with the new American administration.

“I think we now have the political conditions to advance a European agenda, again it is a non- intrusive agenda, we don’t like interventionism, we are for the correct functioning of markets and we support the social market economy,” Barroso said.