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Crucial poll test for Britain's Brown

 Crucial poll test for Britain's Brown
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He has bounced back in the opinion polls. But will Gordon Brown’s recent rise in popularity translate into votes? That is the question being asked as the British Prime Minister faces a crucial by-election today.

Despite defending a large majority, many analysts believe Brown’s Labour Party will lose the
Scottish constituency of Glenrothes.

Britain faces recession and weak economic figures this week will not have helped Labour’s standing.

At Glenrothes, bordering the prime minister’s own constituency, the pro-independence Scottish Nationalist Party is widely expected to win. It took a safe seat from Labour in another by-election in July in Glasgow.

Ahead of the next general election, praise for Brown’s handling of the financial crisis has helped Labour gain ground on the Conservatives. But in opinion polls, the main opposition party remains nine points ahead.