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Poking fun at EU officials' links with big business

 Poking fun at EU officials' links with big business
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A mock wedding pairs a bride sporting the European flag with a groom wearing an armband reading: BusinessEurope. That is the employers association which represents some 20 million European companies.

Indoors nearby, the European Commission was holding a conference on trade and industry, with BusinessEurope. The organisation the Seattle to Brussels Network says the conference circle is an unhealthy relationship, that negatively affects workers, the poor and the environment.

The theatrical banter of the demonstration insinuated that the business lobby is dominant and has undemocratic, privileged access to the EU’s policy-makers. The campaigners said workers unions and environmental lobbies should have an equal voice and a seat at the conference.

BusinessEurope on Monday forcast near stagnation in the economy for 2009, and urged governments to keep credit guarantees coming.