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Obama breaks off campaign for sick visit

 Obama breaks off campaign for sick visit
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Less than two weeks to go now in the race for the White House, and Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama is taking a day off to go to the bedside of his grandmother in Hawaii, who is seriously ill. Obama was brought up mainly by his grandparents, and says family is more important right now than campaigning, which in any case, he says, is hardly very positive at the moment.

“In the final days of the campaign the say anything, do anything politics often takes over. We’ve seen it before and we’re seeing it again right now. Some of the ugly phone calls, the misleading mail and TV ads, the careless outrageous comments are all aimed at keeping us from working together, all aimed at stopping change,” he said.

While Obama’s in Hawaii he is leaving the campaign in the hands of his wife, Michelle, and with a mandate to express herself. As she has been the target of some of the most scurrilous and made-up claims of the anti-Obama camp, the next 24 hours could be electric.