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Osborne denies soliciting illegal donations

 Osborne denies soliciting illegal donations
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The spectre of sleaze in UK politics has risen its head again, this time with allegations of illegal party funding among the opposition conservatives.

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne finds himself embroiled in claims that he tried to solicit a large illegal donation from Oleg Deripaska aboard the Russian Billionaire’s yacht.

Osborne denies the allegation, but doesn’t deny meeting the billionaire while staying with financier friend Nathaniel Rothschild in Corfu.

Conservative Party Leader David Cameron said:
“What matters is what you do and what you say, and George Osborne was right not to ask for any money, and the Conservative Party was right not to
accept any money”

The meetings with Deripaska were revealed by Rothschild, after apparently being angered by Osborne’s leaking of comments allegedly made by senor Labour minister Peter Mandelson also aboard the yacht.

Recently returned to the government Mandelson has yet to make any comment despite Prime Minister Gordon Brown calling for an investigation into the affair.