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The right gains ground in Austrian polls

 The right gains ground in Austrian polls
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Opinion polls in the Austrian parliamentary election had the two mainstream parties almost neck and neck as campaigning drew to a close.

Whoever comes in first, both Social Democrats and conservatives are expected to lose support.

The Social Democrats under Werner Faymann are said to have a slim lead based on an anti inflation platform.

The conservative People’s Party, led by William Molterer is judged to be two or three percentage points behind but together they could form a comfortable majority.

Their shakey ruling coalition crumbled in July after months of fractious clashes.

Voters are disenchanted, with combined backing for the two parties at its lowest since the Second World War analysts say.

That could mean significant gains for far right parties on Sunday when the country goes to the polls.

The right-wing Freedom Party, campaigning on anti-immigration issues, appears to be gaining ground, despite the efforts of protestors anxious to prevent the right gaining a foothold in government.