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Terrorist suspects arrested on a plane in Cologne

 Terrorist suspects arrested on a plane in Cologne
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German police have foiled what they say may have been a plot to launch a terrorist attack. Two suspected Muslim terrorists were arrested when German commandoes stormed a Dutch KLM airliner about to leave Cologne for Amsterdam. Police spokesman Franck Scheulen said the suspects had been under surveillance, and suicide notes had been found at their home.

“The first one is 23 years old and has Somali nationality,” said Scheulen. “The second is 24. He is German and was born in Mogadishu. It is thought that both wanted to fight for the Jihad and that they wanted to attack an unknown target. We also found suicide letters.”

Germany has never suffered a serious terrorist attack, but security levels have been high since it was revealed that the port of Hamburg was revealed as a base for the planning of the 9/11 attacks in the United States. The KLM plane left Cologne for Amsterdam about an hour after the arrests.