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McCain accused of blocking talks on bail-out plan

McCain accused of blocking talks on bail-out plan
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Discussions on the proposed 480 billion euro debt buy up plan will continue today, and throughout the weekend if necessary. The two presidential candidates were summoned to the discuss the situation, apparently by the democrats who wanted McCain to rally support for the plan among Republicans. However, democrats are now accusing McCain of standing in the way of an agreement.

McCain says: “I see that we did not have a deal and unfortunately we still do not have a deal. But I think we have made progress and I am confident we will have a deal. How much I had to do with that, I will let you and others be the judge. But I am going to do what I think is right for this country.”

The Obama camp has accused McCain of political stunts.

“When you inject presidential politics into delicate negotiations it is not necessarily as helpful as it needs to be,” said Obama. “One of us is going to be in charge of this mess in four months and the American people not only have a right but an obligation to find out where we want to take the county and what we believe,” said Obama.

He insists the first of three planned presidential debates this evening must go ahead for that reason. McCain had said he will not take part if a deal is not reached today. Obama says he will be in Oxford, Mississippi anyway, along with 3000 journalists, and and will take part alone if necessary.