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Chavez to get Russian nuclear help

Chavez to get Russian nuclear help
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Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez is in Russia again to sign a number of deals and, says Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the pair are ready to co-operate in the nuclear field, too.

Already a major client of Moscow’s, the relationship with Venezuela looks set to grow:

“We are ready to study the development of our co-operation in the domain of nuclear energy, and I’d also like to announce that Gazprom will be sinking its first gas exploration drill in the Gulf of Venezuela at the end of October,” said Putin.

Last year trade between Venezuela and Russia doubled to over a billion euros. Washington has been annoyed at Chavez’s purchases of assault rifles, tanks, helicopters and fighter-bombers, and threats to end oil supplies to America.

Moscow has taken up the opportunity offered them by Chavez, and in turn angered at Washington’s behaviour over Georgia, has sent bombers to visit, and a naval force arrives soon for exercises.