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French consumers feeling the pinch

French consumers feeling the pinch
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French shoppers take note, according to magazine ’60 million consumers’ there may be less in their weekly grocery bag than meets the eye.

Food producers are adopting cunning methods to cut costs, according to the monthly – methods which include changing packaging and reducing quantity. “60 million consumers” Journalist Lionel Maugein said: “a good example of such malpractice is the case of some yogurts, produced by a famous French discounter, which they suspect had water added to them because of the price of milk.”

According to the magazine, the third cost-cutting method – and perhaps the most shocking was recipe changing. But the President of National Association of Food Producers Jean-René Buisson, claimed this is what the public want. “We follow the instructions from public organisations who demand products with less calories, so we make the individual portions like this,” he said.

Hard to prove and strenuously denied by food companies, the consumer needs a sharp eye to detect such tricks. But the latest findings are likely to keep consumers, and indeed providers, on their toes.