Toronto gets premiere of "Rachel Getting Married"

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Toronto gets premiere of "Rachel Getting Married"

 Toronto gets premiere of "Rachel Getting Married"
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Anne Hathaway graced the red carpet for the premiere of “Rachel getting Married” at the Toronto International Film Festival.
The darkly comic family drama directed by Jonathan Demme, stars Hathaway in a breakout role as a girl just out of rehab.

“I really love this character from the bottom of my heart and I feel for her. I remember thinking that you got to love her enough to risk that people won’t like her. I think it’s that. I never concern myself with making her likable and not even making her that lovable. But I just thought that if I can make the audience understand her, then I’ve done my job. I think that’s why people are responding because we’re not telling anyone how to think about anyone. We’re not trying to manipulate anyone’s emotions. We’re just letting the audience decide for itself,” says the hot Oscar tip.

The Devil-Wears-Prada and Princess Diaries star plays Kym, returning to the Buchman family home for the wedding of her sister Rachel, dragging behind her a long history of personal crisis, family conflict and tragedy.

For Academy Award winning director Jonathan Demme, the film merged his documentary and feature-film skills.

“I think that the biggest way that it differs is that I’ve been making fiction movies since 1974 and documentaries since 1987. This time I tried to marry the two disciplines. It’s a fiction film, and I tried to make it just like I’d make a documentary. We didn’t rehearse, we didn’t design shots,
so the actors could start bringing it to life and we grabbed what we could. I love it, I think it makes it that much more realistic, and I’m very pleased with the results,” says the busy Demme.

Demme won five Oscars including best film and best director for “Silence of the Lambs,” as well as “Philadelphia”, and acclaimed Talking Heads and Neil Young musical documentaries. His latest documentary, “Man of Plains” about former US president Jimmy Carter is out this year, too.

“Rachel Getting Married” is on a screen near you this autumn.

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