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Owners defend "clean" coal-powered station

 Owners defend "clean" coal-powered station
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The owners of the world’s first coal-fired power station which emits almost no pollution are denying protestors claims that it is an environmental time bomb.

The brand new plant in Spremberg, eastern Germany, is fitted with state-of-the-art technology which allows it to capture 90 per cent of the carbon dioxide it would normally send into the atmosphere. The CO2 is then liquified and put in special storage tankers underground.

“The arguments that the CSS technology is just greenwash are just bullshit,” said Lars Goran Josefsson, the Chief Executive Officer of owner Vattenfall. “We want respect for what we are doing and we take this responsibility very seriously.”

The carbon dioxide from Spremberg is being transported to caves 350 kilometres away.
Those against the plant insist the CSS technology is not yet tried and tested.

“We are calling for a coal moratorium,” said one protestor. “A moratorium on the building of new coal power stations in Germany until this technology is free of doubt and it is proven that it works and there are no risks.”

Sweden’s Vattenfall has invested 70 million euros to make clean electricity from coal. From 2020 in Germany nuclear energy will be banned.