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Germany introduces citizenship test

 Germany introduces citizenship test
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Germany is to introduce a compulsory test for those applying for citizenship.

The German government recently gave the go-ahead for the controversial test, aimed at assessing applicants knowledge of German culture and political system.

With candidates expected to answer 17 out of 33 multiple-choice questions in order to pass the government has rejected criticism surrounding the test’s difficulty:

‘‘The basic focus of the test is ok. And a testing of ethos was never intended, which is the case now. Because there are no questions asking for the applicant’s opinion but only testing the knowledge of the state of things here in Germany.’‘

But, some minority groups, particularly in the Turkish community, claim the questions are so difficult even German citizens could not answer:

‘‘The citizenship test establishes an artificial barrier, constraining people who want to become German citizens and who may fulfil all other qualifications.’‘

As well as claiming many of the test questions are too difficult, critics have also said many answers, which were supposed to be correct, are wrong.