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Biden, Clinton stir Democrat delegates

 Biden, Clinton stir Democrat delegates
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Shortly after Barack Obama was nominated, he paid a surprise visit to the Democratic Convention. He stopped by briefly to thank everyone for their speeches, and stood side by side with his vice president-to-be, Joe Biden.

Biden told the delegates that the next four years required a certain sort of president in the White House: “These times require more than a good soldier, they require a wise leader. A leader who can change, the change that everybody knows we need. Barack Obama is going to deliver that change”.

Biden garnered strong applause, but he had a hard act to follow, as once more the Clinton charisma was scattered like angel dust.

Former president Bill Clinton told delgates: “Everything I learnt in my eight years of president, and every work I’ve done since in America and across the globe has convinced me Barack Obama is the man for this job”.

Clinton also revisited criticisms he and others had made about Obama’s experience, reminding delegates the same things had been said about his foreign policy credentials 16 years previously.