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Democrats await Joe Bidon and Bill Clinton

 Democrats await Joe Bidon and Bill Clinton
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Staking out the territory, vice-presidential hopeful Joe Bidon has done a test run ahead of his big moment at the Democrats’ convention in Denver. Later, he will take to the stage again, in front of thousands of delegates, to deliver the keynote speech.

But for many this foreign policy heavyweight is not the main focus of interest. For the next few hours will mark the end of a era – with the Clintons’ last big day of the 2008 campaign.

Former President Bill will make a high-profile speech. He has had trouble reconciling his wife Hillary’s defeat by Barack Obama after a primary feud in which the Democratic candidate accused him of injecting racial politics into the election. Obama will be hoping the rift can now be repaired. After all, Hillary has already urged Democrats to unite behind the man who put a stop to her White House dreams.