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McCain praises Obama's choice of running-mate

McCain praises Obama's choice of running-mate
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The Republican candidate for the US presidency, John McCain, has praised his opponent’s nomination of running-mate.

He said Barack Obama’s choice of veteran senator Joe Biden to be the Democratic vice-presidential candidate was “a good selection.”

Obama showed Biden off to a rally of party faithful at Springfield in Illinois.

One supporter said: “I think it’s wonderful. I’m just so in awe of Joe Biden. I think he’s going to be the perfect complementary person for Barack… and they’re going to lead us through all this mess that we’ve been in for so long.”

Biden’s 35 years in the Senate, and widely recognised expertise on foreign affairs form a powerful foil to criticism that Obama lacks experience in world affairs.

The US House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi said: “Anybody that Barack would choose would be the one that I support. So I think there’s great excitement surrounding the Biden announcement. People are rallying around him. They know his values, they know his effectiveness, they know his patriotism.”

In Denver, preparations are underway for an influx of Democratic delegates, party officials, press and sightseers – all heading for the party congress which will set the seal on Barack Obama’s nomination as candidate to become America’s 44th president.