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Obama keeps running mate choice secret

Obama keeps running mate choice secret
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The US Democratic presidential hopeful is maintaining a guessing game over who will run alongside him for Vice President when America chooses on November 4. Barack Obama says he knows who it will be. But for now, he is keeping it to himself.

Highly-placed sources in the Democratic party say Obama has been calling people on his shortlist to tell them they will not be running. But no-one is letting on who exactly might, or might not, be on the ticket.

“You are not going to get anything out of me on the vice-presidentials. Nothing. I did say that I have made the selection, and that is all you are going to get. Alright?” Obama told reporters on the campaign trail in Virginia.

But, politics being politics, there is always talk, and among those who have set tongues wagging as a possible running mate are Virginia’s 50-year-old Governor Tim Kaine, who could help Obama claim the traditionally Republican state.

Joseph Biden is in the rumour-mill too. The Delaware Senator has an impressive track-record. Some say his 36 years in Washington would counter claims of Obama’s lack of experience.

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh has similar mainstream credentials, although he backed Hillary Clinton during the primaries.