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Russian troops remain in Georgia despite peace pact

Russian troops remain in Georgia despite peace pact
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Russian troops and tanks remain just 45 kilometers from the Georgian capital Tbilisi despite the signing of the ceasefire deal by Georgia yesterday.

Overnight armoured columns were seen edging further towards Tbilisi from the strategic town of Gori although there were no reports of aggression.

A key bridge was blown up this morning west of the capital. Georgia says the attack has left the country’s railway network paralysed and blames Russian troops. Moscow denies responsibility.

Further west, in the Georgian Black Sea port town of Poti, near the breakaway region of Abkhazia, Russian troops are still in control.

Journalists and local residents reported seeing them removing or destroying Georgian military equipment.

The Russian military also says it has seized up to a hundred Georgian tanks and armoured vehicles in the area between Tbilisi and South Ossetia, Georgia’s other breakaway region, where the Russo-Georgian conflict flared last Friday.