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Russia signs ceasefire but troops remain in Georgia

Russia signs ceasefire but troops remain in Georgia
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Russia has signed the ceasefire deal to end hostilities in Georgia but there has been no sign on the ground that it is withdrawing its troops.

The six-point peace agreement, drafted by France, calls for both sides to pull back to positions they held before the conflict escalated last Friday.

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev put his signature to the deal after a meeting with his security council.

His Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov however explained that the deal allows Russia to implement so-called “additional security measures” in the conflict zone. “Our troops will be withdrawn gradually as these measures are put in place,” said Lavrov.

Meanwhile, Georgian officials said Russian troops blew up a railway bridge outside the capital, paralysing the country’s east-west rail link. Moscow denies responsibility for the attack.

Irregular militia based in South Ossetia have also been operating against Georgian targets in recent days.