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Civilians "killed" after Russian air strikes in Georgia

 Civilians "killed" after Russian air strikes in Georgia
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The horror of the South Ossetian conflict has spread beyond the borders of the breakaway region.

In the Georgian city of Gori, several civilians are reported to have been killed in Russian air strikes.

Russian warplanes have been raiding mostly military targets but burning apartment blocks indicate what may have been a military blunder. Russia denies bombing Georgia’s civilian population.

Elsewhere, Russian forces claim they now driven Georgian troops out of Tskhinvali, the capital of the Caucasus nation’s rebel enclave. Moscow says two days of fighting in the territory have left 1,500 people dead.

The Kremlin says it is acting to protect civilians from a military offensive launched by Georgia to re-take the pro-Russian region from separatists. Georgia accuses its giant neighbour of waging war.

Tbilisi claims its forces have downed at least seven Russian warplanes. Moscow says two of its aircraft have been lost.