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China reassures Olympic visitors over safety

 China reassures Olympic visitors over safety
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Days before the start of the Olympic Games, Beijing says it has done everything possible to make sure athletes and visitors are safe. Around 100,000 soldiers and police are on stand-by and 30,000 CCTV cameras have been put up across the Chinese capital. Tourists from all over the country have been joined by large numbers from abroad.

One American visitor said: “Obviously, before this, I really hadn’t seen or watched much press on China specifically. But the Olympics have brought a lot of attention to China and their whole economy, the whole atmosphere, society in general. So yes, I think this has really created a lot of press for them.”

Two young men from the Uighur community in the north west of China have been arrested over Monday’s deadly attack. Apparently eighteen foreigners have also been detained in connection with the bombing, in which 16 police officers died.

Despite the atrocity, however, organisers hope the focus will finally turn to sport after a build-up dominated by Beijing’s policies at home and abroad.