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Olympic moment to cheer in earthquake-hit China

Olympic moment to cheer in earthquake-hit China
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In China, there have been many moments of silence in the earthquake zone in the past few months. But the latest pause in the never-ending clean-up of Sichuan Province preceded a rare moment to celebrate, as the Olympic torch arrived in town.

As well as being the first of four stops the torch will make in the area devastated by the huge quake, Guang’an is also the birthplace of the man who pioneered the opening up of modern day China. The reformist policies of Deng Xiaoping played a large part in China being given this year’s games.

As the torch continues on its way towards Beijing for next weekends opening ceremony it leaves behind a task of daunting proportions. Whole towns were destroyed, but not the will of the population.

Sichuan is rebuilding, although reminders of that fateful day in May are never far away, as strong aftershocks test the nerve of even the most resilient.