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Anthrax case takes fatal twist

 Anthrax case takes fatal twist
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The investigation of anthrax attacks in the US that killed five people in 2001 has taken another turn.

It has been confirmed that a scientist, under suspicion of carrying out the attacks, killed himself after being told he was about to be prosecuted.

Dr Bruce Ivins, who worked at the US Army’s biodefence labs, was actively involved in the inquiry, after letters containing the deadly spores were sent to politicians and media offices.

It has been reported that officials suspected him of releasing the substance to test a vaxine he was working on.

US Senator Tom Daschle, the target of one of the contaminated letters, cautioned against jumping to convenient conclusions.

“We need to know exactly how Mr. Ivins was involved, if he was involved, how this relates to the case and information that so far has been withheld from the American people ought to be provided and I think it should be soon.”

The FBI has refused to comment on an ongoing case, which raises the possibility that other people might still be under investigation.