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Serbia's PM hints at more war crimes arrests

Serbia's PM hints at more war crimes arrests
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Serbia’s Prime Minister has hinted that more arrests of war crimes suspects could follow the detention of Radovan Karadzic.

Speaking in Austria, Mirko Cvetkovic said the arrest of the former Bosnian Serb leader showed Belgrade’s willingness to recognise its international obligations.

“Karadzic was the number one, so if number one is the proof for the demonstration of the willingness then there is no reason why we would not do that to number two, or number seven,” said Cvetkovic.

The number two he referred to was Ratko Mladic, Karadzic’s general in charge of the takeover of Srebrenica in which 8000 Muslim men and boys were murdered.

Karadzic’s brother Luka has confirmed he is appealing against extradition to the war crimes tribunal in the Hague.

The Serbian authorities apparently acted on a tip-off about a man who sounded very much like Karadzic, posing as a new age healer.

Serbia’s potential membership of the European Union is dependent on Belgrade handing him over for trial on charges of genocide.