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Radovan Karadzic may not have been in Vienna

Radovan Karadzic may not have been in Vienna
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Claims that Radovan Karadzic spent some of his time on the run living in Vienna, under the name of Peter Glumac, have been cast into doubt after a man has come forward with the same name.

The real Peter Glumac, who bears a striking resemblance to Karadzic in disguise, says he is an miracle healer with a Serbian-Croatian passport, and it was he who was questioned by the Austrian police last year, not Radovan Karadzic using his name.

“When they made the announcement in Vienna my friends called me,” said Glamac. “They told me that they had seen my photo on television. They were in shock. They asked me if I was in jail. Some of them cried. Yesterday I had a lot of calls.”

Glumac lives in Serbia but travels regularly for his work to Austria, Italy and Croatia. He specialises in curing female infertility. He claims Karadzic probably copied his look and his professional qualifications to cover his real identity.