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Karadzic's hometown hails a hero

Karadzic's hometown hails a hero
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In Radovan Karadzic’s hometown, Pale, there has been a confused and angry response to his arrest. The town has been closely watched by NATO and EU troops over the last decade for any sign of Karadzic’s return. The houses of his wife, daughter and a close aide were all searched in a big operation as recently as March.

Some in the city believe he is being made a scapegoat. “If he’s guilty, then he should be arrested, but he’s the least guilty – there are others who should be arrested who haven’t been. It’s not only the Serbs who should be punished, that’s what makes me angry,” complained one man. Another resident said: “It’s one of the most shameful things to happen to the people of Serbia. It’s a scandal.”

Many others feel justice will not be served at the Hague and the upcoming trial will be a political showcase.