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Karadzic arrest sparks strong feelings in Serbia

Karadzic arrest sparks strong feelings in Serbia
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Outraged at Radovan Karadzic’s capture, dozens of ultra-nationalists gathered at the war crimes court in Belgrade. Riot police were out in force and the demonstrators were dispersed. But feelings were running high.

“This is an act of high treason and those responsible will answer for it,” said one man.

“What they are doing now is treason,” another agreed. “Previously, people went to prison for that and today traitors are doing what they want to do in Serbia. They are bringing shame on their own people. This is nothing but chaos.”

But others in Serbia see Karadzic’s arrest as a key step forward in their country’s relationship with Europe.

“He should be extradited as quickly as possible,” a man said. “Because of a few, our country can’t go forward. It should be finished very quickly.”

“The European Union and America should appreciate this and understand Serbia,” added another man, hailing efforts made by Belgrade and evoking the prospect of a better future.

The EU welcomed Karadzic’s arrest. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon praised Serbian authorities and former US Balkan troubleshooter Richard Holbrooke described Karadzic as the Osama bin Laden of Europe, calling him “a real, true architect of mass murder.”