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Uranium leak No 2 in France

 Uranium leak No 2 in France
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France is investigating its second low-level radioactive leak in ten days, this time at a plant in Romans-sur-Isere in the south east of the country.

The plant, which processes uranium products for power stations and research reactors, is operated by a subsidiary of Areva, the French nuclear giant in charge of the site of the first leak.

The Chief Executive Anne Lauvergeon apologised saying: “It’s a level-1 incident, which has no impact on public health but which has raised considerable concern.”

France relies on nuclear power for 75 per cent of its electricity. The French environment minister Jean-Louis Borloo said: “I want transparent information on the water-tables. Apparently we’re not talking about extremely grave danger here but that doesn’t matter. I want the all the water-tables checked around all power-stations.”

A spokeswoman for the French nuclear safety authority said they believed there to be no connection between the two incidents, adding that the latest leak has had absolutely no impact on the environment.