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Economic woes to dominate G8 'climate' summit

Economic woes to dominate G8 'climate' summit
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Global economic concerns are threatening to overshadow climate change as the focus of tomorrow’s G8 summit in Japan. The hosts’ priority was to conclude an agreement to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. But rising food and oil prices have emerged as a more immediate issue for world leaders.

And on the eve of the summit US President George Bush evoked another concern of his: North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

Speaking from the summit venue, Bush said: “North Korea did provide a declaration of its plutonium-related activities and did blow up the cooling tower of its reactor at Yongbyon. That’s been verified and that also is a positive step but there are more steps to be taken.”

This is to be Bush’s last G8 summit and many analysts predict little significant progress on the big issues until his successor is known.