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Colombia releases video of dramatic hostage rescue

Colombia releases video of dramatic hostage rescue
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The Colombian army has released a video of the dramatic rescue of Ingrid Betancourt and 14 other hostages from FARC guerrillas. It was taken by agents posing as journalists.

The film captures the moment the hostages realised they were free. FARC had released their most prized captives to what they thought what were members of an international NGO taking them to another rebel hideout.

Colombian officials have denied media claims of Israeli assistance in the operation and that a ransom was paid. The defence minister said they had paid for information in the past but that was not the case this time. He said if they had paid they would acknowledge it to encourage others to come forward with information.

The hostages are now revelling in their freedom after years in the jungle. In recent months France took a lead role in efforts to negotiate their release. In the end it was action and not words that had the desired affect.

French/Colombian Betancourt flew back to France on Friday with family and friends to say a personal thanks to all those who supported her during her ordeal.