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Fatal bulldozer attack kills three in Jerusalem

 Fatal bulldozer attack kills three in Jerusalem
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Israel is in shock after a bloody terror attack in Jewish West Jerusalem, in which a man rammed a bulldozer into a bus and over several cars. At least three people were killed and dozens injured.

Pursuers leapt into the cab of the vehicle to subdue the driver, who hit the accelerator once more. Eventually he was shot dead.

Police at the scene said he was a 30-year-old Arab Palestinian from East Jerusalem, who was working on a construction site in the West.

The man who fired the final shots was a SWAT officer, Eli Mizrahi, who was stationed nearby.
“We arrived within seconds,” Mizrahi said.
“As I ran closer, I realised the attacker was beginning to drive away. He was out of control, leaning on the steering wheel, and accelerating. I climbed onto the tractor, and saw the civilian shooting at the driver. I also shot him with two bullets and made sure he was neutralised.”

For emergency crews it was deja vu. Jaffa Road, a busy main street, saw several suicide bombings over the past decade.

The national rescue service said that more than 40 people were taken to hospital, a number of whom were critically injured. One of the dead was a woman in a car crushed beneath the bulldozer.

It was the first Arab attack in the suburb since March, when a gunmen killed eight students at a religious school, before he, himself, was shot dead.

Some news reports say that three Palestinian militant groups have claimed responsibility for the attack, but the claims cannot be verified.