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African Union divided over Zimbabwe

African Union divided over Zimbabwe
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International condemnation of Zimbabwe continues after the re-election of Robert Mugabe as President. The French foreign minister said the EU will only accept a Zimbabwean government headed by the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.
Tsvangirai withdrew from the ballot because of the violent treatment of his supporters. The African Union called for Mugabe to enter negotiations with Tsvangirai, with a view to forming a national unity government.
It is rare for the African Union to intervene in a member’s affairs. The resolution was an unexpected attack on Mugabe, who has previously been seen as a liberation hero.
But Mugabe’s spokesman rejected the idea of negotiations, as did Morgan Tsvangirai.
“That doesn’t apply because that model is based on a power sharing deal, it’s almost an elite pact between the leadership. It doesn’t mean anything to the people. We will not. That is the concept of a government of national unity. We don’t subscribe to it. We want a transition that is going to work out a new Constitution, demilitarize the institutions of Zanu-PF, reform them and then have elections.”
And there were stronger statements still from African Union members during the two-day summit in Sharm el Sheikh.
Botswana called for Mugabe to be barred from the AU. Kenya said he should be suspended.