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Counting ends in Mugabe's "sham" poll

Counting ends in Mugabe's "sham" poll
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Protestors have been demonstrating in London against the Robert Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe which, with the count in the presidential contest complete, is looking forward to reinstating its man tomorrow.

The result is in little doubt as Mugabe is the only candidate. The opposition claim they have been firebombed, tortured, and terrorised to not vote for first-round winner Morgan Tsvangirai, who withdrew from the race, he says, to spare lives.

Many are angry South Africa’s President is not joining strong international condemnation of the vote.

Newspapers in Harare are already forcasting a Mugabe victory, but are noting the low turnout and the fact Mugabe’s information minister has lost his seat in a simultaneous by-election.

The European Union insisted today the second round vote should be ignored, as Zimbabwe’s people only had a chance to express themselves in March, when Tsvangirai was, say many, denied an absolute majority by massive fraud.