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Italy forces through new rubbish dump for Naples

 Italy forces through new rubbish dump for Naples
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The Italian government has announced it will push ahead with the opening of a highly controversial rubbish dump outside Naples. The former quarry at Chiaiano should be open within three months. The country’s new rubbish tsar insists it’s the right decision.

“On the basis of all the technical surveys carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency, all the elements are in place for me to be able to say that the site is safe to start accepting, and storing, household rubbish,” said Guido Berolaso, the Undersecretary for Refuse Emergency.

But local opposition has been loud. A police guard has been put in place around the site. In Naples the complaints continue too.

“There are worms everywhere,” said one businesswoman. “We own a bar and restaurant.
We haven’t been able to open for 15 days. It smells awful and there are mice as well.”

But the Italian government could now run into problems with the European Union.

European regulations insist rubbish dumps be ten kilometres from densely populated areas. People live within 400 metres of the Chiaiano dump.